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Traditional agencies are making the same mistake over and over. Drop topics like new media or the NEW new media (ai ai ai) and they are lost. Traditional means long long invoices and an alien way of pampering the client (not). 360 DEGREES keeps it simple: be nice, be good, be better, be clever. Simple.

How we work.

True. The way we work is a simple way. Does that mean it’s also less effective? No way. It’s even more efficient and effective. Companies who have chosen to work with 360 DEGREES are enjoying our approach. For the full Monty. Here is why. As a professional organization we have a network of top-notch specialists. So, for every account we choose the ultimate combination of team players. Together we create the best solution for every marketing issue. Best of both worlds: we protect your brand, develop the brand strategies and make sure the whole process is as clear as crystal. In the same time the specialists join us in developing the concepts, media-use and the feasibility of the project. Fewer layers, lower costs. A process as clear as a bell. And you know what, our clients are happy clients. Just click on one of them.

The world is changing every second. Don't try and keep up with the world. Keep it simple.

You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality. Walt Disney.

At 360 degrees you will find these people. But our clients are totally different from each other. Yet, despite these differences, our approach is still the same. Why? Because the way we work has proven to be successful.

Don’t grow just for growth’s sake.

To give a soul to a product will extend the life of this product. It works for 4 wheel vehicles. Or dvd discs with cartoons on it. But just as good for companies. To build a brand is one thing. But to keep a brand alive and even to anticipate on the markets is even more important.



Development of the 5 year sales and marketing strategy for the Netherlands. Creation of brand campaigns and sales driven incentives. Print, outdoor, TV and radio.



Based on the strategy concept creation for a new communication platform, online and in traditional media and a new logo design.

Noordwijk- Hollands Finest Beach has been developed to position Noordwijk as the number 1 tourist and congress beach destination in the netherlands.



Realizing strategic development for revolutionary new retail, online, print and broadcast communication resulting in The Taste of Life Concept.



New communication platform for the international corporate communication. Creation of Draka International Brand Book and Online guideline for webcommunication.



Development and creation of the international retail sales campaigns. Print, outdoor, online, in-store.



Development and creation for the international brand campaigns for this feel good brand. Just J Jewels communication will be covered in print, broadcast and online.



From DVD/Blu-Ray release, streaming video, digital content, loyalty programs, strategic advice to retail concepts: yes, working for The Walt Disney company stretches our boundaries and keeps our spirit young.



Re-positioning strategy and creation of the new communication platform.

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